Preregister NOW

Send your name, address, email address, date of birth and whether you need accommodation to the following email: info(at)



Please make sure to register early: this year the accommodation places are stricly limited (20 places) and they will go in first come, first served basis ! This year accommodation is in Eurohostel 


Registration fee

If you register before 1.10.2018 registaration fee is 60 euros, including all shows, workshops and accommodation (if there are places still available). After 1.10.2018 registration fee is 80 euros


Fri. 19.10.2018

15:00 Registration opens in Cirko

19:00 Performance in Cirko Cie Circocentrique: Respire!

20:30 Opening ceremony

23:00 Bus to Hostel

00:30 Venue closing

Sat. 20.10.2018

12:00 Bus from hostel to venue

12:30 Artist meeting with Cie Circocentrique

13:30 Workshop Wes Peden

15:30 Workshop Onni Toivonen

18:00 Training hall closed

19:00 Andrea Salustri: Polystyrene research & Martin Schwietzke: Crue

21:30 Works in Progress in Cirko

00:00 Bus to hostel

01:00 Venue closing

Sun. 21.10.2018

12:00 Bus from hostel to venue

12:30 Artist meeting with Andrea Salustri

13:30 Workshop Florence Huet

15:00 Jugglers’ Afternoon performance

16:00 The End, see you next year!